"Seconds" are the boards that come at a reduced price due to a compromised manufacturing standard.


In an effort to bring you thinner and lighter backgrounds White Canvas chose to produce backgrounds using a 1/2" laminated plywood. If you've ever encountered projects using plywood you may know that it was made to bend, especially if any moisture is included in the process (which it definitely is in case of surface making).

We developed the technology that is able to control this event, but not always. Because we do not produce the actual plywood it is often a game of chance whether we are going to have some curved boards or not.

So, the first type of Seconds is the boards that experience a bend in the process and never go back to a straight condition. The degree of the curvature varies and can be from barely noticeable to prominent, it rarely, however, affects the photography and if it does we're not to release it for sale.

Another type of Seconds is the "draft" boards that we use to practice new designs on. They are as perfect for photos as any of them but come in odd sizes