Now that you have made a choice to invest in a handcrafted photo surface, you probably want to know how to take a proper care of it.

The first thing you should know is that your board is not indestructible. It has a lifespan of its own and will slowly be changing over time like anything on this planet does.

We made your surface lightweight, moisture and stain resistant, so you can use the best of it while creating the art of your life.

The surface cannot under any circumstances be soaked, this will inevitably destroy it.

You can spill, not a biggie, but make sure to wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel as soon as you can. If the substance spilled contained fat of any kind, use a little bit of dish soap dissolved in water for a cleaning solution. But, please, avoid extensive rubbing and pressure when cleaning.

Try not to drip any high pigmented liquids or leave high pigmented foods on the surface for a while. Most of the surfaces can take a short exposure to high pigments just fine, but let's not try the fortune and keep that beet carpaccio on a plate if that’s an option (especially if your surface is white).

Please, avoid dragging things or carelessly placing objects onto the surface. Treat it as a wall but much thinner and more fragile, it’s made of the same materials: plaster and paint but being used far beyond what walls are usually used for.

Every surface is finished with a matte water-based sealant to make it serve you longer. We advise using your surface as a decorative element ONLY.

Consumption of the food placed directly on the surface isn’t recommended and is entirely your responsibility if you choose to consume the food that has been in contact with the surface.

If you’ve got a bunch of background boards and stacking them together against the wall, it’s a good idea to line them with carton sheets (you may disassemble the packaging for that purpose) or store the boards in carton corners put on when not in use, they create a bit of a space in between the boards.

Store your board in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight or moisture and wipe clean every time after use.

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